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Cenk versus the fashion industry: responding to the open letter

Last week, we did a story on The New York Times’ choice to put a thin model on the cover of its “T Magazine” and the response it received from the Times’ readership.

Watch the original story here.

Cover model Julia Nobis’ father, Eddy Nobis responded with an open letter. What does Cenk have to say in response? He discusses the story with co-host Ana Kasparian.

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    This video shows how ignorant of modelling and the issue at hand the host is, which is why I felt compelled to pick it...
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    ^^This Apparently Cenk, like Fox News, doesn’t understand women or science either. Anorexia is a mental disorder and not...
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    I think both videos illustrate how a discussion like this should be driven more by women and less by men, because even...
  6. camerasandmachines said: This is the worst apology ever. Just shut up and let Ana talk. And stop with the skinny women aren’t real women message. The fashion industry isn’t about what you find sexually attractive. It’s an art all its own.
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